Her Name is Rio

What’s the Story?

Leblon Cachaça. Yes. A million times yes.
The rents went to Brazil (without me-not that I’m sore about it) and brought back some of this delightful cachaça. Now I used to think I didn’t like cachaça, mainly because I had never met one I liked – until this. It is simply excellent – none of the harsh bite you can get with a lot of others I have tried. It goes down smooth and there’s something quite sweet about it that makes me unopposed to drinking it neat! I’ve not bothered though seeing as it makes such a banging Caipirinha! Classically you would use crushed ice but recently I’ve been using cubed, (I’m not sure why) but I much prefer it – The ice doesn’t melt as fast so the drink isn’t as watered down by the end.

  • 50ml Leblon Cachaça
  • 1 whole Lime cut into 6 wedges
  • 2 barspoons Caster Sugar

50ml Jigger, Barspoon, Muddler



  1. In a rocks glass muddle together the lime and sugar.
  2. Add 2 cubes of ice and pour over the cachaça.
  3. Stir together until the ice has half melted and the lime, sugar and cachaça has combined.
  4. Add Ice to fill the glass and stir for another 30 seconds, then serve.