The Muddler

29 Jul The Muddler

Is it a Barspoon?

Is it a Shaker?

Why no it’s The Muddler of course! *Queue Batman theme and plenty of “kerpow!” “sok!” “oof!” word art*


No I’m not a superhero and The Muddler is not Adam West. However, I do love a good cocktail! Recently one of my co-workers told me I should start a blog – this going on the back of numerous friends, family members & mortal enemies asking for recipes and cocktail ideas for their parties: Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries you name it I shook for it!

So I decided to write them all down, giving anyone who might ask the basics behind classic cocktail serves, as well as some personal specialities that are guaranteed to make you the most popular person in the room (well for one evening or until the booze runs out at least)!

I hope you enjoy them and any questions just shout on Twitter or email us!

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